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The narrower more rounded design of kitchenaid blender gives the appliance a sleeker appearance. This blender has buttons to help you stir, chop, liquify, mix, and puree, as well as settings which pulse and crush ice.

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Posted on october 27, 2014.

Kitchenaid classic blender vs diamond. The blade sys­tem is irre­mov­able and per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt into the pitch­er what makes this blender quite easy to use and clean. This blender is available in five classic, stunning kitchenaid colours; The diamond comes in a variety of colors, its jar is larger, and it produces almond butter with better consistency in less time.

They both blended the smoothie exactly the same, so no difference in performance. The kitchenaid ksb1575 dia­mond 5‑speed blender is no excep­tion; By thediygirl october 23, 2014.

Let’s find out what it does for us! While the base measures seven inches wide and nine inches deep, it still will leave a smaller footprint than the bulkier ones. It’s not even a fair battle.

After reading the reviews on amazon, i was torn between the kitchenaid diamond and the kitchenaid classic model blenders. The vitamix is several hundred dollars more expensive, it has a better motor, it can clean itself, it will last longer, it’s more durable, and so on and so on. The classic base (red) is surprisingly large.

Powerful enough to crush ice in seconds. The vitamix 5200 is vastly superior to the kitchenaid diamond blender. The resulting smoothie had a better consistency and was easier to use than the main blender.

Operates at 5 speeds to stir, chop, mix, puree, and liquefy. A more mature version of the loveably retro artisan blender, the diamond offers greater capacity and a host of handy functions that enable it to tackle almost any food that’s popped into its. With this tool, you can make elegant and smooth mixtures in the comfort of your kitchen, as any proper home chef would.

Kitchenaid vs ninja blender review. The kitchenaid diamond blender is the ideal machine for all manner of smoothies, soups and sauces. I thought i’d give you my 2 cents worth and do a blender review.

Empire red, candy apple, almond cream, medallion silver and onyx black. However, the kitchenaid diamond blender is still a great piece of equipment. The kitchenaid measures in at 17 inches high and has a depth of roughly 9.5 inches and 8 inches of width.

The diamond (grey) is smaller and more refined looking. How­ev­er, it is also avail­able in two oth­er less pop­u­lar mod­els to ksb1570 and ksb655. It is incredibly versatile and offers users a wide array of convenient functions to choose from.

At only 550 watts, the diamond blender’s motor clearly struggled in. They both have pulse and crush, and 5 speeds but i prefer the controls on the diamond. They both have similar sounding features and the same.

Anyway, back to the point. The “diamond” refers to kitchenaid’s new pitcher design at the bottom of the pitcher which is supposed to improve blending results. Replacement parts are harder to come by, which is disappointing, but not abnormal.

All three mod­els have an iden­ti­cal base unit design, motor, and oth­er parts but dif­fer by the design and selec­tion of jars and con­trol pan­el design. Kitchenaid diamond blender (1575) vs the classic (1570). Straight off the bat, the kitchenaid diamond blender has a classic look, heck i’m betting you might have spotted something similar (though not as sleek and modern) on your gran’s countertop when you were a kid.

I don’t really use a blender for much other than smoothies, but i am a devoted consumer of protein smoothies so my blender gets used almost every day for lunch. The kitchenaid diamond 5 speed blender model ksb1575 is their most popular blender (it is available also in ksb1570 and ksb655) as it is easy to use, available is over 20 colors, and reasonably priced. It makes more spreadable almond butter, crushed ice with a better texture, and it's much easier to clean by hand.

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